Trade Mediations

Our main goal is to find and attract new business partners in Taiwan, highly economically developed country of south-east Asia.
Taiwan is a country with great potential, broadly open for trade cooperation with other countries, including the countries of the European Union.
Due to the high rate of life of residents of this country, Taiwan is rapidly becoming a recipient of an exclusive and unique material goods from the Western Europe.
We are currently focused on actions that increase awareness of the commercial attractiveness of Poland on the Taiwanese market which in the future will also bring you notable benefits.


Our representatives in Taiwan personally verify and evaluate products, contractors and suppliers according to pre-determined and detailed criteria, hence we guarantee that provided contacts are reliable and accurate.


We can represent your company at trade fairs or trade meetings, both in Poland and Taiwan. In this regard, we can also prepare the necessary promotional and informational materials and translations.
By partnering with us you have the opportunity to expand your existing contacts and to attract new customers in Poland and overseas, thereby increase your sales and brand recognition in the wider markets.

We assist in:

  • linking business partners,
  • the process of concluding trade agreements,
  • effective and seamless order processing,
  • conducting national and international transactions,
  • the process of negotiating the terms of cooperation,
  • creating of promotional materials,
  • translating information and advertising materials,
  • preparation of exhibition and trade fair materials,
  • optimization of shipping costs.

What we offer?

  • We search for company or business agents and present to you possible terms of cooperation.
  • We handle the phone calls and send offers in the appropriate language to selected recipients.
  • We establish contacts with people in charge of the cooperation.
  • We prepare lists of potential customers of your goods or services.
  • We prepare lists of potential suppliers of goods or services.
  • Help to get through customs procedures and accounting.
  • We base logistics, shipping companies and customs offices we work with.

If you are interested in cooperating with us and you would like to introduce your product or service to foreign markets, or you look for suppliers of products or services, please contact us by email.

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